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Best Appliance Repair Services In Sacramento CA

Silver Wrench Appliance Repair is a locally owned and operated company committed to delivering same-day best appliance repair services in Sacramento CA. 

With courteous customer service and highly qualified experts, we can handle any appliance issue, whether a dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, ice maker, oven, refrigerator, or Cooktop. 

Our technicians are trained to fix the greatest manufacturers’ appliances, with performance levels that consistently meet or surpass the highest requirements. 

Our professionals do the task correctly the first time and come to your house with all the essential tools. Our vehicles are fully loaded with all the necessary tools required for repair and parts that need to be changed. We provide a repair guarantee for your peace of mind.

Our Mission

We are committed to serving the local community by offering high quality appliance repair services at reasonable rates.

Our Vision

We strive to be the leading appliance repair company with access to all resources. We strive to offer prompt, affordable, and best appliance repair services in Sacramento CA, accessible to all.

Our Services

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Best Appliance Repair Services

We understand your struggle with out-of-functional appliances; therefore, we offer prompt, same-day affordable appliance repair services in Sacramento CA, to ensure your peace of mind.

You don’t have to live with the threat of cooking horror looming over your head due to a picky cooktop or range top. You must contact Silver Wrench Appliance Repair for quick, efficient, and economical repair service.
Our freezer repair services are designed to examine all freezer parts and perfectly repair the broken and functional parts. We use industry-standard methods and adhere to state protocols while repairing your freezer.
We offer comprehensive dryer repair services. Our dedicated team and cars load of tools can repair your dryer in no time to avoid hassle and ensure your peace of mind.
Our Garbage disposal repair services are perfect for when you want your Garbage disposal to be repaired by professionals. We have many delighted customers who have benefitted from our Garbage disposal repair services.
Our skilled technicians repair and maintain all dishwashers—from basic to high-end. Our professional technicians can promptly discover machine faults and offer solutions so you can enjoy your dishwasher convenience again.
If you are unhappy with the ice maker’s ability to make ice, We offer an ultimate solution to make it function properly and cost-effectively.
Range hood blockage makes your kitchen untidy. Contact Silver Wrench Appliance Repair for competent service so you may have a nice, welcoming kitchen.
Our experienced technicians and experts will repair your microwave oven and make its burner work like a new one.

Each appliance is built differently. We have a dedicated team of trained technicians for gas appliances that work efficiently to repair your gas appliances. 

Leaking, jammed, or not working trash disposal is worrisome. Contact us for expert garbage disposal repair. We’ll repair this vital component of your home so you can continue to assist the climate.

Get annoyed by a broken trash compactor? Make an appointment with our trash compactor service technicians. Our professionals will diagnose the issue and offer the necessary garbage compactor repair.
We are proficient in stove repair. Technicians at Silver Wrench Appliance Repair repair all sorts of electric ovens, stoves, and ranges, bringing the heat to excellent service.

We know how the vacuum of different manufacturer work. Our technicians have years of experience servicing major brands. We will repair your vacuum promptly.

Our professionals are factory-trained to repair your washer. Our services provide rapid and long-term results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The common problem that needs to be addressed by professionals is cleaning burners and lubricating valves and
A clogged or partly clogged filter might cause your water dispenser to deliver water slowly or stop working altogether. Because of this, you should replace your filter at least once every six months.
If an appliance is more than halfway through its lifetime and the cost of a single repair is more than half the cost of purchasing new, you should replace rather than repair it.
Our Proficient technicians can fix anything from a toaster to a garbage compactor and anything in between.
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We have certified local experts available 24/7 to deliver quality and best appliance repair services in Sacramento CA, with 100% satisfaction and a repair guarantee.

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We have a dedicated team to offer quick services to those in need. With us, you can get fast service at a competitive price.

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